With mobile surveillance, we drive by a number of customers in a surveillance car. It is checked that all windows and doors are closed, etc. The instructions vary by customer, at one customer we only look around on the outside, on other occasions we work through a checklist (windows doors, lighting, coffee maker, trash cans, etc) on the inside as well as the outside. The latter usually happens within half an hour after the customer's business closes. We call this, Very appropriate, a fire and closing round. Routes and timetables are updated daily to prevent people with wrong intentions from knowing what time we are there. The reports of the service inspectors are reviewed in the morning and passed on to you if necessary. Free of additional costs of course.

Petroleumhaven 26
1041 AC Amsterdam

P.O. Box 20705
1001 NS Amsterdam

T +31 (0)20 61 45 880

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