Central post

The Central Post is the communication center for various tasks. From this place we can stay in contact with various security officers / agents and / or agencies in the car, motorbike or on site, day and night. This is done through secured walkie talkie and telephone. We have consciously choosen for this, perhaps somewhat less technologically, very direct and well-functioning contact method.

The CP also logs into various camera systems of customers. This way we can watch live on site, for example, for checking up or during an alarm follow-up, but also for retrospective viewing.
Images have often contributed to the solving of thefts, tracing of damage, etc.

Although it is often thought that technology has no limits, we are convinced that technology can not be done without personal follow-up. There are different possibilities for this. One of the best examples of this is, and remains, a technical alarm, which allows for a follow-up to be done quickly with exactly the right information, which in term allows our observer with dog to act effectively.