ISPS is short for International Ship and Port Security and imposes a number of obligations regarding the safety of many port relations. The reason for the introduction of these laws and regulations are the attacks of September 11, 2001 in the United States.

In accordance with this system, the security level is increased to a potential risk and the security requirements and operations will then be more extensive and / or stricter. Each ISPS compliant company has a customized plan for the necessary actions per 'security level'. The work is carried out by its own staff and / or certified security officers.

Penninkhof Security, as a local security officer in Westpoort, has been involved with ISPS work. The employees are ISPS Port Guard and the company offers ISPS-compulsory customers the opportunity to address a so-called fire alarm contract, take measures if necessary (for example, only when a ship is located). The advantage of a fire alarm contract is that there are only additional costs if necessary, while the extra staff and expertise are quickly available.

In addition to this fast presence, Penninkhof Security also provides the necessary communication with, for example, the Captain Room, (Local) Government, Port Authority, etc.

One can also contact us for assistance with setting up an ISPS security plan.